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Hanneke Schreurs on Dieet Nederlands
Hanneke Schreurs on Dieet Nederlands




Monique                                                                                                15 Maart 2013

Terry Wahls, M.D.    MS Diet

Six weeks ago, my sister and I started an experiment to improve her health by following the Wahls diet. A diet developed by doctor Terry Wahls from Iowa. Like my sister dr Wahls was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS. Today she’s able to stand, jog, bike and she leads a productive life,  giving lectures all around the country and doing MS research.

The diet is basically a hunter/gatherer diet and is based on what people used to eat for millions of years, before the food industry took over with dramatic results. All items should be organic and must be eaten raw or steamed, if possible. If baked, they need to be baked in extra virgin coconut nut oil

Here’s a list of the kinds of the foods and the amounts that must be eaten daily

Cruciferous/Greens              Three cups a day


Kale Chinese   cabbage
Collards Broccoli
Mustard   greens Cauliflower
Green   cabbage Brussels   sprouts
Red   cabbage Radishes
Turnips Kohlrabi
Bok   choy Leaf   lettuce
Beet   greens Spinach
Romaine Others   greens

Onions/Mushrooms     1 cup per day


Onions Leeks
Chives Mushrooms



Red                             1 cup per day

Tomatoes Red   peppers
Watermelons Strawberries
Red   beets Red   berries


Blue/black                  1cup per day

Blue   potato Black   grapes
Blue   berries Pomegranate
Red   beets Mulberries
Elderberries Black   berries


Yellow/orange                        1 cup a day

Carrot Squash
Peaches Oranges
Pumpkin Yellow   beets
Muskmelon Pineapple
Yams/sweet   potatoes

Fruit and/or vegetables of your choice                    2 cups a day

Minerals                     1/4  to 1 teaspoon a day

Dried   sea weed Dried   kelp
Sea   salt Nutritional   yeast
Bone   broth



Plant Protein

Dr Wahls doesn’t state an amount (we have 5 hands a day and include almonds, pumpkin seed, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds every day. Sesame seeds need to be grinded prior to consumption. Don’t buy them grounded, because they lose nutritional value)

All of these should be eaten raw

Walnuts Almonds
Pecan Brazil   nuts
Filbert Pumpkin   seeds
Sunflower   seeds Sesame   seeds
Gluten   free soy sauce Legumes/beans



Essential fats/oils                   1 tablespoon of oil a day, follow directions on label of capsules        

Flax   oil Hemp   oil
Fish   oil capsules Krill   oil capsules

Animal protein                      4 oz. a day (fish should be eaten 2+ times a week)

All fish should be wild, all animal protein should be organic, pork should be pasture, grass fed

Fish Lamb
Poultry Beef
Pork Organ   meat once a week

Eggs are not a preferred food but can be eaten as long as they are laid by grass fed chicken






Spices                          general rule here is: Eat more herbs and spices

Cinnamon Cloves
Cardamom Nutmeg
Turmeric Ginger
Parsley Sage
Rosemary Thyme
Basil Oregano
Cumin Coriander
Bay Black   pepper
Fennel Fenugreek

Algae                          Follow directions on bottle

Chlorella Spirulina

Grains                                    Can be eaten, but only NON GLUTEN and not before  all preferred category  items have been eaten

Rice Millet
Oatmeal Buckwheat
Bread Cereal

Milk and dairy products



Purified water, Green tea, coconut water

Dr Wahls is still improving her diet and a lot of supplements are expected to be added. Through research of our own, we have come up with the following foods and supplements.

Raw cacao

Goji berries

Acai berries


Aronia Berries

Vitamine D


Vitamine B12

Before buying any supplements check out ConsumerLab.com An organization that independently tests the purity of supplements and posts their results online.

To give you an impression of what meals on a typical day on the Wahls diet looks like, here are some pictures with a short description of what we ate last Friday.


Smoothie with kale, banana, kiwi, two oranges


Hot breakfast, baked tomatoes, mushrooms, spring onion, bacon, basil, oregano, black pepper and sea salt


Salad of rucola and spinach, walnuts and olives


Salad of wild Salmon, watercress, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame powder and hidden sea weed


Coconut water with blended Goji berries and fresh cacao powder


Creamy spicy tomato coconut soup with red peppers, ginger, lemon, garlic and spring onion


Desert of Apple cinnamon sauce with honey and almonds

We are now six weeks into our three month experiment and these are the improvements my sister has experienced so far:

  1. She feels a lot warmer, and doesn’t need blankets or hot water bottles anymore
  2. She is able to do ‘#2’ again and has stopped her every other day colon hydro therapy
  3. She is able to cross her feet
  4. She is able to lift her legs while lying on her back in bed
  5. She is able to lift her feet, no more dragging toes
  6. She is able to take off her glasses
  7. She can stand longer
  8. She has less muscle stiffness
  9. She has bigger lung capacity
  10. She’s got far more energy
  11. She has regained function of her right hand
  12. She is practicing walking with support
  13. Better hand eye coordination

I’m pretty amazed by the results so far, but I’m also disappointed that my sister hasn’t made greater progress yet. We will continue our experiment and keep you posted!

Ctrl+Click here for a you tube video presentation by dr Terry Wahls


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